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Tejara Capital is an international investment bank in London with an affiliated firm in UAE. It bridges Sharia compliant and traditional financial markets and is a gateway to a multitude of attractive investment opportunities, sourced from within the developed world by capitalising on our unique position, expertise and networks.

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Can anyone do business involving Islamic finance?

Yes. Absolutely any investor can benefit from Sharia compliant financing. Islamic finance is for all investors (both Muslim and non-Muslim) and it is a market that is experiencing rapid growth. In fact, these difficult financial times make the ethical foundations and sensible approach to risk in Islamic financing more attractive than ever.With an estimated 1.4bn Muslims worldwide and increasing interest amongst issuers in tapping the Sharia compliant market for funding, the industry is believed to be growing by at least 15% per annum. Global Sharia compliant assets are estimated to have now exceeded $1trillion and there are over 300 Islamic financial institutions around the world.